Shot of a group of friends hanging out in the sun at a skate park

San Clemente Social Club (SC2)

The SC2 is a club at San Clemente High School works in partnership with the Wellness & Prevention Center. Formed by teens for teens.

SC2 is all about fun and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We love to have fun, dance, be at the beach with bonfires or all “hang” and watch a movie together. To embrace and enjoy our teenage years. It’s all about goofing off, being silly, talking “teen” stuff among our friends without the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

The club is a healthy, safe place for students who do not want to use drugs or alcohol and a place of recovery for students who need to get back on the right path to a healthy life. Health, wellness and prevention are the priority at SC2.

The club at San Clemente High was founded by Sophia Spralja but modeled after the successful Dana Hills High School program. Our on-campus advisor is Susan Parmelee, director of Wellness & Prevention Center San Clemente.

• To promote health and wellness in our community through activities and healthy choices
• To celebrate an alcohol and drug free lifestyle for teens by teens.
• To provide guidance, education, and assistance to teens with regards to health and wellness issues.
• To help teens overcome peer pressure.
• To reach out and help our community through volunteer opportunities.