Susan Parmelee, ACSW, PPS, LCSW
Executive Director

Ms. Parmelee, a founding member of the Wellness and Prevention Center, is an eleven year resident of San Clemente. She has written the mental health and substance use prevention and intervention programming for the high school, middle school and the families who are served by the center.  Currently, Ms. Parmelee is the Wellness & Prevention Center’s mental health therapist providing services on the San Clemente High School campus.  She has been a mental health social worker for fifteen years and has worked in inpatient mental health hospitals, MediCal Clinics, program development and homelessness advocacy.  She holds an MSW from San Diego State University and a BS in Hotel Administration from Cornell University.  Susan has an extensive history of community involvement and has had an active part in the leadership of the San Clemente Collaborative, an organization of non-profits, businesses, civic leaders and individuals who strive to give voice to the needs of our community. She co-chairs the Wellness & Prevention Coalition, is a member of the South Orange County Coalition and consults with other coalitions to strategize county-wide prevention programming


Marci Mednick, MPA
Board of Director President

Ms. Mednick, a founding member of the Wellness and Prevention Center, is a long time resident of San Clemente. She has brought together key stakeholders to formulate community-wide strategies to improve the well-being of San Clemente’s youth.  Under her guidance, the school has expanded their on-campus services offered to students and provides community education aimed to reduce substance abuse and mental health issues.

Currently, Ms. Mednick is a Community Development Specialist with Mission Hospital implementing community prevention strategies in South Orange County.  She has over 20 years of experience working in local government and real estate with an expertise in finance.  She brings a unique knowledge of business, project management and team leadership.

Marci Mednick chairs the Wellness and Prevention Coalition and the Laguna Beach Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and serves on the Orange Country Substance Abuse Prevention Network and the South Orange County Community Coalition.

Ms. Mednick holds an MPA from California State University, Long Beach and a BA in Economics from the University of California, Irvine.

William H Carson
William H Carson has been a resident of San Clemente since 1997 and is community activist committed to fostering change. His professional experience includes banking, investment, real estate, manufacturing, technology and media.  Bill supports the idea of attacking addiction and mental health problems on a micro and macro level and believes that the Wellness and Prevention Center is incredibly effective in addressing the challenges faced by our local youth in a long lasting impactful manner.

Bill is a past board member of several non-profits including San Clemente Co-operative and Casa Romantica Arts and Cultural Center.

Mike Darnold, Intervention Specialist, Consultant to Wellness & Prevention Center
Mike Darnold is a long time resident of Orange County specializing in the field of addiction and substance abuse. He has been helping kids get healthy and succeed for over 20 years and is highly respected by his professional peers in education, city government and law enforcement. He is a leading authority on what leads to drug abuse, and a trusted advisor on escaping a life anchored by substance abuse. Mr Darnold’s overall goal is to help students, along with their participating families, put themselves back on the track to higher education and the establishment of healthy personal values.

Mike Darnold has served as the intervention support specialist at Dana Hills High School since the program’s inception in 2009.  He works with the city, the sheriff’s department and school faculty to support at-risk students and students battling drug and alcohol-related problems. Under his guidance, the school has expanded the on-campus services offered to students and parents including clubs, activities and educational events.

He currently serves as an Executive Board Member of Drug Use Is Life Abuse, and serves on the Orange Country Substance Abuse Prevention Network, the Prevention Coalitions of Orange County, the Over the Counter Drug and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force, the Orange County Meth Task Force, the South Orange County Underage Drinking Task Force and the Partnership for a Drug Free America (Orange County and Washington DC).

Carolyn Ward
Carolyn Ward is a NAMI Family to Family trained facilitator and brings a unique expertise to the board. She is an excellent resource to those who are facing the agonizing journey of navigating Orange County mental health resources – a task​ ​that can be very overwhelming for a parent in crisis.  She is a passionate advocate working to provide valuable resources to those struggling with mental health issues and to eradicate the stigma of mental health.

Mrs. Ward has been a resident of San Clemente for over 28 years and is very familiar with the local schools has watched the city of San Clemente grow and evolve.

Mrs Ward, along with her husband, founded Oceanminded, a successful sandal wear company based in San Clemente.  She encourages the business community to support a safe and healthy environment in South Orange County​



Gina Hazlet
Director of Parent Support Group — Because I Love You (BILY), Parent and Youth Support Groups
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